This is a story that I can't write, this is a story that I can life.
Let's see what happens
  • Live your life

  • "I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death."
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  • "Pelangi tak selalu datang.. hirup saja aroma tanah basahnya.. nikmati sgala apa yg ada…"
  • "Karena pemikiran manusia itu hanya ada 2, , yg pertama orang yg menganggap takdir telah ditentukan, n yg kedua org yg menganggap takdir adalah pilihan yg mreka tentukan sendiri.. hanya karena org berpikir takdir itu mreka tentukan sendiri, bukan berarti mreka tidak mempercayai tuhan.. manusia menentukan pilihan.. hanya kita yang bisa menentukan baik dan buruk untuk kita sendiri.."
  • "I’d like to find the girl who invented the proverb ‘GO WITH THE FLOW’ and lead her to an ocean full of hungry sharks. And see how she would flow? I’d really like to know…"
  • mlm2 nyanyi sndiri sajooo, , suara jelek jgn dihina hohohoho